Sunday, February 24, 2008

Swedish patients to get unisex underwear

published Friday, February 22, 2008

Sweden, a champion of gender equality, plans to introduce unisex underwear for hospital patients in a move designed to save both money and space, the project leader said Thursday.
The Swedish Standards Institute has developed a new boxer-style underwear that is considered equally suitable for male and female patients.
Swedish hospitals currently have four different models of underwear -- two for men and two for women.
Switching to one model will save money because hospitals can buy greater quantities at a better price, project leader Tuula Cammersand said. It is also an issue of space.
''A lot of people have complained that the different types take up a lot of space because you need all the different models and in different sizes,'' Cammersand said.
The new boxers are expected to receive final approval in April and be introduced before the summer, she said. (AP)

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