Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm gay myself -- but even I was shocked by this new Irish survey

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It's rotten being a teenager -- and a report released this week found that those turbulent years can be even tougher in this country if you happen to be gay.

Indeed, a shocking level of general harassment and discrimination emerged from the detailed survey of 1,110 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people aged between 14 and 73, with some 40pc of all respondents saying they had been threatened with physical violence and 25pc reporting being punched, kicked or beaten at some point.

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Robert Biedron Resigns As president or is Pushed from Campaign Against Homophobia

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In a strange but not unexpected course of events today Robert Biedron announced and posted his resignation on his blog from “Campaign Against Homophobia” amidst swirling controversy and allegations of wrongdoings. Biedron served as president of “Campaign Against Homophobia” for seven years. The NGO (nongovernmental) agency known in Poland by the acronym “KPH” was established in 2001 by Biedron.

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Latido unveils first gay Basque film

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Sabino Arana, the hawkish first ideologue of Basque nationalism, must be spinning in his grave.

Arana exalted died-in-the-wool Catholicism and Basque racial purity. A century after his death, the Berlinale Panorama welcomes “Ander,” billed by sales company Latido as the first-ever gay Basque-language movie.

What’s more, it’s set in the Arratia Valley in Biscay, an idyllic spot, where, traditionally, real men are farmers, and farmers real men.

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